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We offer more than great school photos!

Parents face a growing array of options when making the important decision about which school their child will attend. MSP Photography offers a wide range of printed items to keep your school at top of mind. From banners and business cards to prospectuses and fundraising ideas, MSP Photography can help with your school promotions.

Showcase your school in a way that reinforces your school’s values with these great products:



School Promotional Banners

Showcase your school’s image at school events and community engagements with a professionally designed and finished pull-up banner.



School Calendars

Our vibrant promotional school calendars are a wonderful way to promote your school in the community and can be used to raise funds!




New Enrolment Promotions

Impress prospective parents and students with a postcard to follow up their enrolment enquiry. Also helps keep the school’s contact details handy.



Personalised Business Cards

Reinforce your school’s image with professionally designed and finished business cards. It’s the little things that leave a lasting impression.




Flyers for Events

Promote your upcoming event with a colourful flyer. Great for distributing to families, community groups or in a letterbox drop.



Logo Development

A logo is the most familiar part of your school’s brand. Present your school with a professional, modern logo design.




School Prospectus

Provide a handy reference for parents on all the aspects of your school with a beautifully printed prospectus.




A yearbook provides a precious reminder of school years. MSP Yearbooks is an online system schools can use to easily create their yearbook.


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