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MSP Yearbooks is an intuitive and well-supported online system that schools can use to create a beautiful yearbook. Whether you’re a complete novice or seasoned designer, building a yearbook couldn’t be easier or more fun.

Our all-in-one school yearbook solution is loaded with endless possibilities.

Why you’ll choose MSP Yearbooks every time!

MSP Yearbooks is supported by international digital photography software leaders, Photolynx. MSP Photography is the only school photography company in Australia to use the next generation online yearbook software Plicbooks.

MSP Yearbooks is fast

You’ll find our system is fast and will dramatically improve the speed of creating your yearbooks from cover to cover.

MSP Yearbooks is simple and easy to use

We have found a system that doesn’t require extensive training or a manual – simple Drag & Drop tools mean no graphic experience is required and you’re guaranteed professional looking yearbooks every time.

MSP Yearbooks offers creative freedom

Now you can express your school's style exactly as you want it. Choose from libraries of backgrounds, textures, clip art, cover and page options. Use an existing style or create the entire book your way from scratch. The possibilities are endless!

MSP Yearbooks team are here to help

Our friendly MSP Yearbooks team will check in on you regularly to ensure your experience is productive and enjoyable, and assistance is only ever a phone call or email away. Plus online resources are available 24/7, meaning help is always at your fingertips!

Ask us about our Print Only option if you already design your yearbook in-house. Simply call 1800 273 283.


MSP Yearbooks team

At MSP, you'll find we're a friendly bunch with a commitment to quality and an eye for detail.

We will be there every step of the way helping you see your yearbook project through to its delightful completion.

Your trusted name in school photography, MSP has years of experience working with a full range of schools. We understand the significance of your yearbook and are familiar with the challenges you face.

With the support of our team, you'll be impressed by how easy your yearbook project can be.